Can't see your home?

Never pull up to a dark home again.  Using the geofencing technology built into our lighting system every time you pull up to your home the lights will turn on.  You can also set timing functions so you don't have to think about it.

Products Needed: Smart lighting control

smart lighting control

Control Natural Light

Still walking to your window and adjusting your shades following the direction of the sun? Imagine waking up and having the shades in your bedroom automatically open allowing the sun to greet you as you start your day. Close Automatically when the sun goes down just after sunset. Add character, colour and design to your home through a large selection of fabric options.  Control all the light that enters your house with the touch of a button or by the sound of your voice!

Products Needed: Smart shades and Smart hub

Smart Nursery

Set up your nursery to so can view and automatically alert you when your baby moves or makes a noise.  Play white noise to help your little one calm down.  Have an motorized blackout shade to block any sunlight from entering making it easy to put her down for a nap in the middle of the day.

Products Needed: Smart lighting control, Smart shade control, Smart baby cam and Smart speaker.

Smart Home Theatre

Control home entertainment and automation device using an easy-to-use smart remote or tablet . Combine entertainment, lighting, blinds and sound to create unique experiences that would dim the lights, lower your shades and sets up your home theatre system. All with the touch of a button.

Products Needed: Smart lighting control, Smart shade control and Smart home theatre control.

Talk to your home!

Control your smart home products or just ask about the weather with the sound of your voice.

Products needed: Smart devices, Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana, or Amazon's Alexa.

One Control that Does it All

Have all your smart devices work together and display them in one or two central places. Inwall iPad and table top mounts allow you to control your home wherever you are plus when not in use can display information like the weather and news.

Products Needed: Smart hub, Inwall or table top mounts, any tablet but preferably an iPad as there are more options.


If your Alarm or Smoke/CO2 Detector triggers, have your out side lights pulse on and off.  This will draw attention to your home making it easy for the police or fire department to easily identify your home. 

Products needed: Smart lighting control, Smart smoke detectors and an Alarm that can connect to these devices either wired or wireless.

Seasonal Lighting

Don't put up different lights or change bulbs for every season. Adjust the colour for every season from your mobile device in the comfort of your home.  Why get cold and climb ladders hanging new lights?

Products Needed: Smart light bulbs and bridge for scene's

Smart Garage

Have your garage door open when you arrive or close when you leave.  Stream the music from your favorite playlist to your speakers while your working on the car. Plug in your electric car at off peak hours when you arrive or if you forget have it remind you by text. Have the lights in the garage automatically turn on when you enter or turn off when you leave.

Products Needed: Smart garage door or smart adapter for existing openers, Smart speaker, Smart electric car plug and Smart sensor lights.

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