Tell us the vision you have for your home or have us design it! Either way we’ll make your smart home dream a reality. We can offer this flexibility because our systems are fully customizable which in turn will suit your exact needs. We offer a free design meeting and in-home estimate to discuss the features of your perfect smart home. The design meeting will help you build trust with us and we will answer any questions you may have. We are there to make our idea’s and systems as easy as possible to understand. This way, you will be an expert when you show off what your new smart home can do to your friends and family.


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The Smart Brothers are dedicated to making your installation experience as smooth as possible. We offer completely retrofittable systems - resulting in ZERO damage to your home. If your particular system requires damage to the drywall or trim. Don’t Panic! We will make sure any patches, paint or trim will return looking as though we were never there. We currently service the GTA in Ontario, Canada and will be expanding soon.

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Review & Test

We are always on the look out for new smart home technology. Regardless if we decide a particular product meets our installation needs, we will put it through its paces and let you know our thoughts. If you have an idea or are looking for advice/help with your product, just send us an email! Have an idea on and want us to help advertise or get feedback about your idea from our customers? No problem, just send us an email at

Design smart home

Renovation & Construction

Either have the Smart Brothers work with your general contractor or have us take care of your entire project. No matter which you choose, our desire is that your project and smart home system look like it was always designed to be there not just an afterthought. There is nothing more impressive than a well thought out and executed build from start to finish.

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Our mission is to bring the smart home experience to everyone, so no matter your budget we have something for you!